Coronavirus financial advice and support.

As the coronavirus continues to impact the UK, we provide you with guidance to survive this challenging period through all your financial needs. 

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With our experience of running businesses for over 40 years, we understand what you need to ensure you manage your cashflow and stay profitable. Through our team and partners, we can provide everything you need to run your business.

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We work with businesses across all sectors. Our experience is in service companies, leisure and hospitality, tech and property. We have considerable experience in working with public sector organisations and understand the challenges of selling in and delivering services to this market.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Chief Financial Officer is responsible for a company’s past and current financial situation. They oversee the reporting of the business providing guidance on where to invest company funds. A major source of failures for companies is running out of cash and a CFO will highlight issues early to ensure the business does not get into trouble or if it does, has options to help it recover and then grow. 

The role most accountants play is very different from a CFO. An accountant can provide the services of a CFO, however, most accountancy firms have dozens, possibly hundreds of thousands of clients and do not spend the time in the business looking at the figures daily, weekly or monthly in detail as a CFO does. A CFO is more part of your internal team rather than a consultant who comes in a few times a year to report your financial figures to the tax authorities. 

Anthony is an experienced accountant who has run a business, worked with the finances of businesses and managed the budget of £300m for the Wokingham Council throughout his 40 year career. He is married with 1 child. In his spare time he was a keen hockey player and enjoys cricket and bridge. 

  • Impeccable levels of integrity and someone you trust 
  • Treating the business as if it was their own 
  • Accuracy and detail orientation 
  • Understanding you as a CEO and adapting their style to what you need and want 
  • Strategic guidance and commercial awareness 
  • Solid track record of managing large and small budgets 
  • Reliability and consistency 
  • Business development – an ability to connect you with potential clients or partners 
  • Someone you get on with and enjoy their company 
  • Quality 
  • Reliability 
  • Personal service 
  • Integrity 
  • Continuous learning 


Our packages start at £2,500 per month. That includes set up time and 16 hours per month. Because of the virtual nature of our service, it means that as a start up or small business, the cost is at a level where you can receive a quality service without the cost of hiring an expensive resource. For further time, the charge is £150 per hour. It may sound like a lot to a start up, however, once you start working with us, you might realise, can you afford not to have a CFO. 

We advise you to work with us for a minimum of 6 months to set up everything you need. This will give us and you time to build the financial systems and reporting to run your business effectively. We can increase or reduce your time commitment after this period. 

Anthony Pollock has experience running his own business, unlike many CFOs. Therefore he understands the CEO mindset. He also worked with hundreds of start ups and small businesses over his 35+ years of experience. He is a chartered accountant which means that he as professional qualification with the governing bodies in the industry. To speak to some previous clients, please contact us. 

We offer a 2 hour getting to know you session free of charge once you answer a number of questions about your business. After that, we can establish what you might need and can advice you on how much require of our services. You can then make your own decision.  

If you are commercially aware and confident and capable running the financial affairs of your business, you may not need a CFO. However, most business owners would prefer to focus on sales, marketing, product development or operations and in general growing the business.  The question is how valuable is your time. What could you do with an extra 16-30 hours a month?