Since we have run a successful business, we bring a CEO mindset to the CFO role. We are passionate about helping business owners to set the right foundations, operate, and achieve success whatever success looks like to them. You deserve a successful business which you run, rather than the business running you! Do you feel that you need help, support, and advice but don’t know where to turn? We are on a mission to let you know that financial struggle does not have to be your future? We have a real passion to ensure that your business has sound financial and organisational foundations to help you realise your business goals. Thereby restoring your work-life balance.

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Virtual CFO Services

Most start-ups and early stage businesses are started by those with sales skills, general enthusiasm, or technical ability, which results in a new or improved product. Finance specialists rarely start businesses and their skills are often absent from the team of a start-up or early stage business. 

As a virtual CFO, we look to provide this missing component, bringing the financial abilities needed to compliment the sales and technical skills of the rest of the management team. 

with +35 years’ experience including 10 years as a CFO in start–ups and early stage businesses, we therefore bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to the needs of the start-up or scale up businesses.   

The role can be tailored to the specific needs and the financial situation of your business. 

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Accounting & Integrated Systems Review

The advent of cloud computing systems opens significant opportunities for businesses to improve the real time nature of their financial information reporting. Previously, it took up to 15 days to run the month end and post the month end journals. The advent of the new Cloud based accounting systems such as Xero or QuickBooks, together with a wide array of apps, opens up real time accounting with management information available on an almost instantaneous basis and monthly information available within 7 days of the month end.   

How is your accounting system? Are you spending too long posting information to your accounting system? How much could be automated? What are your KPI’S?  

Is it time for a review of your accounting system? 

The advent of cloud-based systems and integrated software such as Office 365, Teams, Zoom, Keep, Monday, Sales Force, Xero and QuickBooks will provide opportunities for improved efficiencies in the operation of the business.    

These efficiencies in the can provide additional profit and in the longer run provide higher equity values and the difference between success or failure of the business.   

Do you need to consider the wider efficiency opportunities available now and needed in your business for post Covid-19 world? 

Budgets and Financial Forecast

Preparing a 12-month budget for your business provides an initial benchmark to compare actual subsequent performance. This provides a check on the underlying business model for the next 12 months and gives the management team reassurance as to the profitability of the business and the cash surpluses or deficits for which the management team needs to plan.   

The follow-on from preparing a 12-month budget is to create a business model for a rolling 3-year time horizon.   

This process provides the management team a longer-term view of the business and therefore includes expected changes to the sales mix, new products or services planned by the business together with their launch and capital investment costs.  

This process will identify changes to cash and investment needs and will provide management with the information to plan for the longer term needs of the business and avoid the process of “hit and hope” which inevitably leads to cash problems and often business failure. 

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Sales Pipeline Integration

The availability of sophisticated CRM systems makes operating and controlling the sales process much easier and provides a better system for managing the businesses customer leads and turning them into sales.   

The information from the CRM system cross references into the sales projections in the company’s 12-month budget and 3 year rolling financial forecast. This information will show any expected surpluses/ shortfalls between the CRM projections and the budget/financial forecast.   

Projected shortfalls will need additional sales resources to be deployed to close the gap between the sales pipeline and the sales projected in the budget and financial forecast.   

Surpluses will need additional delivery and working capital resources to meet the additional demand. 

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Brexit & Global Britain

The UK officially left the EU on 31st January 2020 but there are still issues that need to be resolved. If they are resolved, then there will be a trading agreement between the UK and the EU. If not, then the UK and EU will trade on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. 

Are you ready for the new trading relationship? The EU is primarily a protectionist organisation protecting the economies of France and Germany. This is a reason behind the difficulties with the current UK/EU trade negotiations.  

Are you ready for both WTO and UK/EU trade deal outcomes? 

Global Britain 

The ambition of many in the UK post 2016 was that the UK would use its newfound freedoms once free from EU control to develop increased trading relationships with the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, other Commonwealth Countries and the rest of the wider world. 

Are you ready for these opportunities? 

We and our associates have experience of overseas banking issues, international corporate structures, corporation tax compliance and VAT issues. We would be delighted to help with any issues you may face. 

Do you have any risks arising from the changing UK/EU relationship after 31st December 2020 or any need preparing for the opportunities and challenges arising from the UK’s new global trading relationships?  

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Pass on or sell out?

What is your vision for your business?  

In E-Myth, Michael Berber says that every business should be built with the intention of sale at some point in the future. Otherwise business owners slip into the habits which build a job instead of a business. Which result in the businesses being sold at a much lower equity value if they can be sold at all.   

What are you selling when you sell your business? Turnover, gross margin or net profit? 

If you are planning to sell your business the maximising the value will take 2-3 years before the date of exit. You need to plan to ensure that you achieve maximum value. 

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