Anthony Pollock

Bsc (Econ) FCA

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Anthony Pollock

BSc (Econ) FCA Independent CFO Services

Independent CFO Services 
I have been a chartered accountant for 40 years, spending 15 years working for professional practices, 15 years running my own practice and 10 years as a CFO to start ups and early stage businesses.   
I have been an elected Borough Councillor for 25 years, on a Unitary Authority, with responsibility for finance for 15 years, setting up the Local Education Authority from start to finish within 11 months.  Responsible for Highways for 4 years and responsible for resolving Adult Social care financial issues and 5 years as Chairman of an adult social care company.  
I have worked with successful business owners, helping them with achieving their objections throughout the last +35 years.   
Experienced, knowledgeable, personable, intelligent, hands on professional Chartered Accountant


Helping businesses move from the endless struggle quadrant into the good living and onto the prosperous quadrants.


Thinking about the future, with cashflow and profitability in mind.


Honesty, integrity, openness, insightful, and professional.

The importance of the CFO

Due to the uncertainties faced by businesses, the role of the CFO role is more essential now than ever before.

‘Cash is King’ and forecasting on a monthly, weekly or daily could mean the difference between failure or survival. Make sure that you are not caught unawares. Your CFO is critical to ensuring cash is managed properly. 

The pressure to be profitable is higher than ever before, so keep your profitability under constant review. Don’t act slowly. As long as you are profitable, then you have a future. If not, then you can only survive until the money runs out. The CFO is key to the assessment of profitability and ensuring that the information needed is available for the decisions to be made.

Business Model 
Is your business model up to date? CFO’s are there to assess threats & opportunities your business faces. They have the information on the current business model and will be able to use this to assess the need to change the current business model. 
In short, if you don’t have a CFO in the current climate then you need to find one, fast. We are vital members of your management team helping to navigate you through the challenges faced by your business.