Hang In There

Life is a roller-coaster

Hang In There

Life is a roller-coaster
We are well into the new year and those who have set new year’s resolutions are starting to find that the motivation and determination to carry that new habit, diet, or fitness goal into 2021 has started to lose its shine; with many well-intentioned resolutions already left abandoned.

I have come to realise that life isn’t one continuous experience of success, joy, and fulfillment.

The good times are often punctuated by failure and disappointment. Life is like a roller coaster; it has its highs and its lows.

The important thing I have come to realise is not to get swept away but either the peaks or the troughs of life.

The good times often go to our heads and we consider ourselves to be able to walk on water. We let the lows chip away at our self-confidence until it leaves us immobile and afraid to try again.

In my life, I regularly need to dust myself off after a failure or disappointment and refocus myself on my objectives.

Sometimes having to restart my steps toward my goals regardless of the situation. It becomes important to forget what lies behind and instead press on to what lies ahead.

The past cannot be changed. The future can be different, it is not controlled by the past. We all need to look forward and not backward.
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