Don’t Just Hit and Hope

Review and Plan for the Post Covit-19 World

Don’t Just Hit and Hope

Review and Plan for the Post Covit-19 World
Don’t Just Hit and Hope – Review & Plan for The Post Coved-19 World

Predicting sales has never been more challenging than amidst Covid-19, where more effort and mental flexibility is needed.

If the past is not a good predictor, either because you are a new or rapidly growing company or due to disruption from past sales activity levels due to Coved-19 then a different method will be required.

This situation will likely continue for the next 6-18 months, with there is a complete breakdown between pre-Covid sale patterns and post-Covid sale predictions.
A complete recasting of the sales and marketing plan will be required, where current products and services are reviewed for applicability as some may not be appropriate in a pandemic world.

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This is where mental flexibility is needed. The past cannot be relied upon, business will need to think and operate differently. There will be new opportunities to provide new services to current and new customers. The development of a digital marketing strategy and website update will go hand in hand with this overall review.

Don’t just weather the Covid-19 storm and try to outlast it. You may not be in business by its end. Use the time to plan, take control, and recast your plan until the plan and reality align. #financialmanagement

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