How Does The Vaccinations Influence Your Business Planning?

How Does The Vaccinations Influence Your Business Planning?


On the 8th of Dec, the first Pfizer vaccinations were given in the UK with the Oxford vaccine close behind.

How does this influence your business planning for 2021?

Mass availability of the vaccine will take time. For now, will businesses cope with working from home, closed offices, and the inefficiencies of a distributed staff?
The opportunity to reopen offices through regular testing of employees on a weekly or fortnightly basis is an opportunity that businesses should be adopting in Q1 2021

There are currently 3 types of quick response self-administered tests available. Nasal, blood, and urine tests mean that there is an opportunity to repeatedly test your workforce on a regular basis, allowing your staff to meet in the office.

Working from home, for many has been very positive and is expected to continue into 2021 and beyond.
Junior staff often need greater support from senior colleagues, which can be best done in an office environment.

Many staff don’t have the available space at home to work efficiently and are desperate to get back to the office. Repeated testing could form a basis for meeting these needs, improve business efficiency, and restore mental health to your employees. Benefits will be seen on the bottom line.
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