Blitz Scaling

The lightening fast path to building massively valuable companies. ( Reid Hoffman & Chris Yen)

Blitz Scaling

The lightening fast path to building massively valuable companies. ( Reid Hoffman & Chris Yen)
This is a great book to be read both cover to cover and used as a reference book. The author understands how speed is the currency of today and will continue to be so well into the future.

I really enjoyed the various cases discussed and the fact they were from around the world. It is Full of insights from companies all over the globe (not just Silicon Valley, but also China, Europe etc.) about both scaling fast but also about the stages a company passes through as it will grow.

I love the 5 stages of companies.
1. Stage 1 – Family
2. Stage 2 – Tribe
3. Stage 3 – Village
4. Stage 4 – City
5. Stage 5 – Nation

This explains that blitzscaling is not for everyone or for every company as the ideas won’t work for high end restaurants. However it does provides an invaluable roadmap of how to bltizscale, what to look for, what questions to ask, how to build teams, how to focus, where to build alliances, etc.

It is a wonderful history of how many of today’s behemoths made smart decisions early on (e.g. Amazon). I also recommend Reid’s excellent podcasts (Masters of Scale). Overall a great book for anyone in business and looking to 10X their venture.

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