Technology Is Changing The World

Technology Is Changing The World

Who will be best positioned to take advantage of these changes❓

We live in a time of rapid technological change.

My children don’t remember a world before email, the internet, and mobile phones.

I remember a world of steam trains, the cold war with the USSR, miners strikes, computers taking up whole air-conditioned rooms, and rubbish piles up in Leicester Square.

There have been so many changes which we have gone through over the last 50 years, with the development of Cloud-based computing, digital marketing, Zoom meetings and buying your groceries on Amazon to name a few.

How will these trends affect the future of your business❓

Will you embrace these new technologies and ways of working❓

There are many big firms that didn’t embrace the computer revolution who ended up having to either sell or merge because they failed to adapt and embrace the new ways of working.

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